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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting 09/13/2014         62  members and guest were present and  7 landowners Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante  at Cathedral Pines Camp Ground Landowner’s Picnic Presidents Report: Don Plante Welcome- Welcomed all landowners and members.  As always we appreciate what everyone one does for the club and our area.  Without you we wouldn’t have the trail system that we have.  You are the backbone of this recreational sport.  The club will always be at your disposal when needed.  Thank you Toy Ride September 27 in Farmington. The ride is leaving the Whistle Stop at 10 am. Roxbury Ride is October 4 Mt.

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CLUB MEETING 07/10/2011

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting July 10, 2011 Authors Peter and Nancy Wagner 1.)  Meeting brought to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 10AM 17 members present 2.) Presidents Report :  Don Plante Family Fun Days was a success for the club. Thanks to Ray & Edie, Jeff & Linda, Neil & Lorraine, Dick and Ruthanne and Phil , we appreciate your hard work Congratulations to Nancy and Peter for winning best ATV in the parade July kids ride will be on July 27 with a rain date of July 25th watch the weather. Ride leaves Pine Parking Lot at 9Am and the kids have to be back at 2.  Bring your own lunch and helmets will be provided to the kids and members should also wear their helmets.  Amy member wishing to give a child a ride please call Don Plante Club ride to Tim Pond Camps for Lunch will be August 27th.  Turkey Pot Pie for lunch $15.00 per person.  All are welcome please contact Don Plante if you would like to attend Motion passed and  carried to donate $250.00 to the Rec Program for a projector Membership voted not to do Pine State Show this year we will revisit it next year   Membership Secretary :  Ruthanne Smith for club questions or We have 230 paid members at this time New E-mail Treasures Report :  Bob Dennett All bill are paid to date Will transfer $1500.00 to trail fund for work and supplies on Cathedral Pines Boardwalk   Trailmaster Report :  Dick Smith for club question and information or June 16th Don and I rebuilt the 32′  boardwalk on the Natanis Trail and delivered planking on the Natanis Trail June 17th Ray, Pete, Lee and I replaced a 16′, 10′ and 6′ bridge on the Natanis Trail June 21st Don checked ou Bradbury Brook and dedided it was ok to open it June 24th Neal and I checked measurements for the bridge on Tea Pond Trail and put up a Moose Loop sign on the Plum Creek Road July 1st I rode the Butler Brook Trail, opened it and put in sign posts.  Richard and Michael Korhonen and Mike Thompson repaired broken planks on the Pine Boardwalk July 4th Don and I put a 20″ culvert donated by Andy Brann of Absolute Services on the Tea Pond Trail.  Don Posted signs at Chuck Estey’s brook crossing, 2 kids had torn it up with ATV’s July 5th Don and I picked up 4 telephone poles at CMP July 6th I took the excavator to the Tea Pond Trail and started clearing the slash July 7th I delivered beams for a bridge on Tea Pond Trail and continued clearing slash July 8th Neal and I repaired 4 broken box culverts destroyed by a truck on Eustis Trail July 9th Don, Bob Smith, Pete, Phil, Jeff Bureau, Neal, Jeff Mercer and I built a 12′ bridge onthe Tea Pond Trail and finished clearing the trail.  We then went to the Pines boardwalk and cut cribbing to prepare for rebuilding it There is now a trail open to the Trails End Steakhouse in Eustis, they’re looking forward to serving ATV riders

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CLUB MEETING 07/10/2011