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How To Help The Maine ATV Trail

Eagle with Baby Eaglets

While in Maine, do as the Mainers do! Here’s what you can do to help support the Moose Loop ATV System.

1. STAY ON MARKED TRAILS OR PLEASE STAY HOME – New laws have made it illegal to ride anywhere without landowner permission.  We are fighting hard to keep our landowners happy by respecting their land.  We can’t keep our trails if you do not respect landowner rules.  It’s their land, they can close the trail anytime they wish.

2. BUY CLUB MAPS – The Moose Loop is intended to show you the major trails around Franklin County.  Current information, lots f loop trails, side trails and local “must sees” will be found on club maps.  These are also fundraisers for the clubs.  The money goes to support the trails.

3. PLEASE JOIN A CLUB – Club dues are our major source of revenue to maintain the trails you are riding on.

4. DO NOT LITTER – Pack in, pack out.

5. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – Obey all traffic laws when riding on paved highways.


7. PLEASE PATRONIZE MAP ADVERTISERS – They have made this loop possible for your enjoyment.  We recommend them for quality, service, and value.